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What is Search Engine Optimization?

 Search Engine Optimization is a marketing technique that helps you appear at a higher rank on a search engine’s result page. While paid promotions are one way you can appear at the top of the search results, that brings you paid traffic. With the help of SEO, you can generate organic and earned traffic.


What is the need for SEO?

 A site appearing at the top of the search results gets about 30% of the traffic, and the second search result gets a little over 10% of the total traffic. It is natural to understand these figures keep on going down as your rank on the search page decreases. This difference in the amount of traffic that websites get based on their search results ranking makes SEO so important.


Why hire an SEO Manager?

 SEO Manager brings expertise and techniques needed to optimize your brand on different search engines. While it is essential to rank at the top of the search results, it needs a specific skill set and knowledge of certain techniques that are needed for SEO. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you should Hire SEO Manager.

Generate organic and earned traffic

The fundamental responsibility of an SEO manager is to generate organic and earned traffic for your website by making your brand appear on the top of search results across various sites and platforms.

Contribute to Marketing Strategy

When you hire SEO manager, he brings knowledge and insights into the industry and market trends. He helps you develop and implement the company’s marketing strategy.


Make Efficient Use of Resources

Formulating SEO strategy can be time-consuming and tricky. When you hire SEO expert, he takes away the burden of developing and implementing your SEO strategy to make better use of your resources.


Why choose iDestinymedia as your SEO Manager?

 We at iDestinymedia fulfill your needs to hire SEO Experts by using various methods and techniques like –


–  Brand Promotion and Branding

SEO manager helps your brand and promote your product in the most efficient manner by making your brand popular by helping it feature on the top of the search results.


–  Different tools and techniques

 With the help of SEO techniques like website content analysis and optimization, keyword ranking optimization, onsite and offsite optimization amongst others, we at iDestinymedia help you reap the benefits of this marketing method.


–  Help achieve business objectives and goals

The key objective of any business is to increase sales be it offline or online. The only way to increase digital sales is to get more traffic on your eCommerce platform. And the fundamental purpose to hire a social media expert is to increase the organic and earned traffic to your online store.


Deliver Measurable Results

 We at iDestinymedia deliver measurable results with detailed analytical and insightful reports, which will help you understand the performance and the results that we achieve for your company.


Team of Industry Experts and Professionals

iDestinyMedia has a team of dedicated and skilled industry experts and professionals who understand every business’s unique needs and help you develop SEO strategy, which most suits your business portfolio.

No matter where your company is ranked at different search engines, our SEO experts will make sure that you quickly feature on the top of the search results.


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